Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Me Time


So I kind of got into a funk where I just couldn't think of things to write about. And when I did think of things, I was too lazy to actually post anything. I am kind of an all or nothing person.
I tend to do things in cycles. Like, I will do something for a month and then I am tired of it and won't do it again for a few months. I think this is most evident in my eating habits. I will crave a certain food and eat it a lot, and I do mean a lot, until I am sick of it. Then in a few weeks or months I will crave it again and do the same thing. Lately it has been steak. I think I have eaten steak for dinner 3 out of 5 nights for the past three weeks. Seriously. And I still want it for dinner tonight...

Mostly though I think I just get busy and tend to forget to take time for myself. I swear it is like I forget that I like doing something. Maybe I like too many things? Or I think maybe it is just the lazy thing...

I do like to read, and paint, and make crafts, and go shopping, and do other things. But lately I have kind of been a recluse. I come home from work during the week and I do not want to do anything. I just want to eat and veg out and watch TV or play on the computer. Sometimes I even forget to get on the computer at home. I know I am just hungry and tired and want to relax and that is fine. I mean I know I can go out and do things and missing some TV is not going to kill me. But I think since I made my TV work again at the beginning of this new fall lineup, I have been kind of addicted. Sure I had gotten used to the series on Netflix, but I missed the new shows. I know I could pay more for cable rather than trying to use the converter box for free stations, but I could also live in an apartment that had better reception too, or one that did not require I go through only one company for Internet and phone (who of course are more expensive than other companies and are all complicated and offer bundles but only give you discounts if you buy more than one premium package, when I think I should get a discount on multiple packages no matter that they are the most basic ones, so I refuse to pay more for cable TV, bastards, who thankfully are going out of business later this month and I can now get whoever I want to be my provider so this whole rant is probably useless since I am thinking I will order cable TV from the new company I get to choose). I could do a lot of things, but all I really want is to be able to come home and watch NCIS and Criminal Minds and The Good Wife and The Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory (can you tell that one of the only stations I catch clearly is CBS, but really NCIS and Criminal Minds and CSI were favorites before I had only one channel to watch, though it would be nice to be able to watch Law and Order and House again).

So, Yes, I am a slacker who wants to come home, eat a quick dinner, and watch TV. And I kind of forget to do other things while I am doing that. I am guessing when the current season is over and reruns start playing I will be going out and shopping more and doing other things again. Oh and when Football season is over I will have my weekends back, which will be wonderful. I do love me some football but rearranging your whole fall weekend schedule around games gets kind of old after a while, mostly because though I might be willing to watch the game of the team(s) I like, other people feel compelled to wake up on Saturday and turn the TV on (where yes, he has cable and multiple channels available) and watch College all day Saturday and then NFL all day Sunday and then Monday Night Football too. Some weekends that is fine, but really I just want to watch my two fave teams and hear abouts scores and highlights from all the others, and I definitely do not want to listen to games or commentary in the car on the radio (I pretty much hate, loathe, despise, want to murder talk radio). It will be nice when the Football/Holiday season is over and we can go out for dinner or make plans for Saturday nights again.

So I am pretty much just rambling here. But basically I tend to go all out on things and get really involved in one thing and forget about doing others for a while. I think that I need to keep writing though. If nothing more than just to have a place to come and get some emotions out. I need to remember that I like this community and that as much fun as I have reading other people's blogs, they might like to read about me too, rather than just getting my comments. I will come back, and I will update on my life and things that have happened, and I will answer questions that I said I would answer. And I will still keep this blog a secret from my friends and family for now (though the Penguin did ask me about blogging this past weekend and I told him I had one but hadn't posted in almost a year, though I did not tell him how to find it, so in a way we can thank him for making me think about my blog and making me want to post again).

Things are going...and I want to talk about them, well write about them, here. See you again soon!