Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ahoy Mateys

I am alive..... I have not drowned..... yet.....

Here's the thing, I have been lazy, eh hem hem, I mean busy. With my new schedule at work I am no longer working on my own. This means I am watching someone else or working with them. I am sure they do not appreciate not being able to check their gossip websites while I am around just as much as I hate not being able to check my blogs. It is all for a good cause though. I have been chosen to learn about all the parts of my division at work. It is really interesting and I am enjoying it lots. And it should do good things for my career. And it is only until the middle of May. Then I go back to my old job and can work by myself and get lots of stuff done, like reading and keeping up with blogs. Sure I know I could blog from home or on weekends, but honestly I have been too lazy. I have not had things to say lately. And when I do find time to even read blogs at home, somehow I never get around to writing on my own. I am a slacker, and I know it.

So, I suppose I just wanted to say Hello and let you all know I am okay. Fortunately everything is going really well for me right now and it is not something bad causing me not to blog. I will probably not be blogging much for the next few months. I can say I will try to blog more from home but I am not making any promises.

On a good note I did visit a Mall here in Houston for the first time last weekend. I finally went to the Galleria. You know that 3 story mall with all the designer stores and an ice skating rink in it? Yeah that one. I have to say it is not somewhere I would normally shop and all I bought there was candy and a new watch. But it was pretty neat and I can see why it is a tourist attraction. I still prefer the Woodlands Mall closer to my house, but the Galleria is interesting.

Umm and I planted some bulbs on my back porch. I cannot wait for them to grow. They are lovely white Christmas caladiums, you know those white and green elephant ears. Hopefully they sprout soon. Also I will be planting some really gorgeous purple and yellow calla lillies at the house in Louisiana. Go LSU! I hope the Penguin can remember to water them often enough...

So things are good and hope you all are doing well too!

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