Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Beginning


Welcome to my place of Internet residence. I suppose we should begin with some introductions. I will go first, that being only proper. (And there is no need to worry that I will hold it against you when you fail to reciprocate, considering I really am not sure who you are yet. Shoot, you probably don't know who you are yet either! And since I don't know you, and you don't know you, I am sure you can be trusted to keep the secret that I really don't know who I am yet either. Shhh...I won't tell if you won't.)

My name is Karen, this is my blog. I have curly hair, hence the name of the blog, which I figure defines me pretty well, or at least well enough to use as my title. I have no really specific plans for this place just yet and it is kind of empty and drafty to tell you the truth. Perhaps once you have identified yourself you would be willing to help me make some decorating decisions. I would like that. But until you figure out who you are I suppose I can tell you a little more about me. So I like books and I like to read, a lot, a whole lot. Mostly I stick to mysteries but I like anything really that reads well and I can just get wrapped up in. And while I like to read a lot, you may notice that my own grammar and writing style leaves something to be desired. But you will just have to get over that, because I plan to write like this is more of a conversation, and conversations may not look to pretty when you get down to the technical mumbojumbo but it sure reads a whole lot better. Plus its my place and I am simply going to be me here. If you do not like me, I find that sad for you but trust that you can find other friends to occupy your time with. So if you can get over the inappropriate use of prepositions and commas and whatnot and you are still with me, great! and glad to have you. So since I like to read so much I thought it might be fitting to have a few posts about the books I read. I will probably do some reviews and maybe just some lists. But I do tend to go through books kind of fast so I might just post about the ones that really move me.

In addition to books I like food. I like food a lot and I am from the South where you fall asleep planning breakfast and wake up planning dinner. So I am sure that I will be posting about food, perhaps about yummy things I find at restaurants, or more than likely about fun adventures I have in my own kitchen. And I am kind of picky and don't like too many raw veggies or strange things so anything I find to be really good will more than likely also be really simple too.

When I am not reading or cooking or eating I very well may be painting. I have just begun to really explore some fun new techniques and I am having a lot of fun. So I am sure I will be posting some pictures too.

Other than that I am a pretty simple person. I really just like to have a good time and enjoy the company of friends and family. I do look forward to finding new friends and family here on the Internet. I don't have a lot of specific plans for this place yet, but I want it to be comfortable and inviting. I know it will be random since that is just my nature. I am the person who will start laughing in the middle of complete silence at something that happened days ago. So there will definitely be some random musings here, it just wouldn't be home without them.

I guess there is not much else to say but sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

I know I will!

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