Monday, September 22, 2008

I Am Still Alive, Part Deux

Hey there, how are ya?

I have been good. I know I have been gone a while. And I am sorry :(. Fortunately it was not due to any problems from storm damage or anything like that. It started when I went home to Baton Rouge to get away from Hurricane Ike. And I had Internet access while I was there. Then it continued as I had time off work because my work building was damaged by the storm. So there has been no excuse for me not posting. In fact I have been reading blogs but just not blogging myself. I have begun this post many times only to not finish it. I have thought about it often. The fact is that I just do not feel like I have much to say. Of course things have been happening and I enjoyed my unplanned week long vacation from work. I could be talking about the mundane but honestly nothing has inspired me. I suppose I went away for too long and then I was out of any sort of habit of writing here. I do not know why I feel like I am in such a funk. Hopefully it doesn't last.

I am looking forward to going on a short weekend trip soon. I still do not know where we are actually going though. It seems the trip curse has struck again. I like to jokingly blame most of it on R, but the truth is its not his fault or mine. Bad things just like to happen to us whenever we try to make plans. Something will inevitably come up and affect our plans. He has tried to surprise me with trips before and they just didn't work out. I have tried to make plans only to have something happen and we can't do them either. It seems that often we do not have plans but the minute we try to make any we then suddenly have 3 conflicting requests for our time. This upcoming trip is honestly no different. He is going to be training in another state next week and then I was going to fly out and meet him for the weekend after and we were going to go to the Nascar race. We made sure that we both had nothing that would conflict with this time and I went ahead and booked my ticket out there. Then R gets a call that he is needed for a meeting on the first day of his class which is out of the question and he is annoyed because this was supposed to happen well before his class. Also we had plans for the weekend and were getting some tickets for camping and now those tickets do not exist anymore. Which sounds bad but we can get free accommodations and did not truly need the tickets in the first place. But it is just typical of our luck that the tickets are not available for us anymore. It is always something last minute. But since we were never really that overly excited about the race we are thinking of maybe just skipping the whole thing and going camping somewhere else. Thing is it is still a last minute decision because we need to have stuff packed and in the car that R will be taking this weekend. And the place I really want to go is all booked up because we were forced to make this decision last minute. And we just don't know what to decide anymore. You just get to a point where you have tried and been shot down too many times that you just don't feel like trying to make plans anymore because what is the point...But we want, no we NEED the vacation and just to get away. Maybe the time off will help us get some enthusiasm back for trying to do things again. But right now we are just both fed up, with pretty much everything. So I suppose that may be why I have no desire to write anything. I do not feel the urge to do anything for anyone but myself, and even then I make excuses not to take care of myself.

When you get in a funk because nothing is going right...How do you get out of it? What makes you happy again? What makes you want to do things again? What makes going back to work any better than before? How do you change your attitude back to normal? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Barb said...

The only thing keeping me going is my coat of blessings and knowing that life is cyclical. Everything seems pretty terrible right now but my guess is that in six months, everything will seem pretty wonderful. That's just how it all seems to work... it's just that when things are down, it's so hard to see out and up.

Hang in there. Maybe go on your trip with no plans at all but to order room service? Today, my husband and I went to see a concert that was rescheduled at the last minute. But we had a sitter and just sitting in traffic was more fun than we've had in a long time. (He makes me laugh.)