Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane, Hurricane, Go Away!

This year's Hurricane Season is just icky!

So far I have written about Eduardo and Gustav. Now I am going to talk about Ike. I know that I have more to worry about because my home and where I live now are both on the Gulf Coast. But honestly I did not think the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast this year would all aim at those places. Remember a couple of weeks back when I showed you the map of Gustav and his projected path? Well yeah he pretty much followed that path and did some pretty good damage to Louisiana. I can say that Baton Rouge was one of the areas that was hardest hit and I still know there are people without electricity.

Here is the projected path of Ike:
And every time they update the map, the path moves closer and closer to Houston. We have been making sure everything is secure at work and we get off tomorrow and Friday so we can evacuate if we want. I am headed home for sure. I am going to pack up some clothes, pack up an ice chest of food I do not want to spoil if I lose electricity, and pick up anything of value off the ground in case my apartment floods. I am leaving as soon as I can, not because I am terribly afraid of the storm, but because I want to avoid as much traffic as I can. So I am asking again for you guys to keep your fingers crossed that my home in Houston stays safe. I will be ever so glad when this Hurricane Season is over. I do know I am glad that none so far have hit the panhandle of Florida this year. They are almost done rebuilding some roads and I am very much looking forward to being able to go camping at Fort Pickens again.

So I am off again, but I should have Internet access this time so hopefully I will not be quite so lazy and actually post some on my long weekend.

Stay safe everyone!

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