Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Rain Delay

So yesterday was a lazy day. And I am glad for it!

There was a Tropical Storm with the potential to become a Hurricane and his name was Edouard. He was supposed to make landfall Tuesday morning around 7am somewhere near Galveston on the coast of Texas. I like Edouard because he never made it to Hurricane strength. I also like Edouard because he turned some and hit to the west of us here in Houston so we got less rain than we might have. So while we did get some rain, there was no flooding. This made me happy happy since I live on the first floor and am near a bayou. Also just saying the name Edouard is fun and makes me happy, typing Edouard is almost as fun because it still makes me think about saying the name Edouard and contorting my mouth into funny shapes to say it. :)

I got out and drove around some to see what was going on, but it wasn't much. I thought about going to the mall but decided that my bed was looking much more attractive. So I went home and took a nap. Normally I don't nap but the day was sooo lazy and also I hadn't had the chance to sleep in quite like I wanted. R decided to call me when he got to work to make sure I hadn't drowned in my sleep. Quite nice of him, but I would have preferred the sleep. Though me getting up that early did have the advantage of being able to get a sausage biscuit from McDonald's so I suppose I should be thanking him for the call too, even though my ass doesn't.

So lazy I was for the entire day. All I did was play on the internets and watch some instant netflix. Well I did do some laundry and water my container garden. And I made spaghetti for dinner, which was quite yummy!

Thinking back now on what might have happened with Edouard is not so nice. But I am content to know that Edouard was lazy too and just decided to send a little rain our way. So thanks to Edouard for the rain delay, I enjoyed my lazy day!

Edouard, Edouard, Edouard....see its fun to say! Okay I guess I can stop now.


Okay I maybe I can't!

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