Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cookies and Cat Butt

Yesterday was a good day. It was also a sad day. One of my good friends, Veggie Librarian is moving. Her husband got a new job in August and had to move. For various reasons she wanted to find a new job and/or be closer to him. She has finally found a job which will allow her to live in the same house as her husband again and she jumped on it. I cannot say I blame her. If my job here was not so awesome I would find any job to be able to move back with the Penguin in a heartbeat. So while I am happy for my friend, I am sad to see her go. We helped to load up what was left in the Uhaul yesterday morning. I gave her a present of cookies and this

Before you think I am totally wacko, she has 4 cats. Veggie and her husband do not have children yet and they love those cats as if they were babies. I had the honor of cat-sitting a few times when they went home to Tennessee for holidays and vacations. So when I saw this at the bookstore last weekend I just had to get it for her. If nothing else it will helped her to laugh a little on a day when I know she needed it. And it smells like hyacinth, not cat-butt. I figure she can hang it in the car or hang it on a doorknob at the new place. Hopefully when she sees it she will smile and think of me and call me. I do so want to stay in touch. And seeing each other will be even less frequent than it is now. For various reasons I just do not see our paths crossing that much. But I will have another place to visit. And she always has a place to stay with me.

I will miss her, but I know she will be happy, and that is what counts.

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