Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy November 4th!

So today is your last chance to get out there and vote. Your last chance to speak your mind and have your voice be heard. Your last chance to make a difference. So get out there and vote!
I am not usually a very political person. Often I feel that by voting I am not choosing the person I believe in but rather the lesser of the two evils. I used to rationalize not voting, because how much could my one little vote actually matter? If I am in the minority my vote only cancels out one in the majority and my state will be the color it always is. And if I don't vote I am showing how much I don't like either candidate and maybe it will get noticed and there will be someone worth voting for next time.
But one vote does matter. Whether your one vote matters in the overall election is debatable. But your one vote does matter. It matters to you! I do not care if you are the only person voting against what the masses want. In the end you voted for what you wanted and it made a difference. You may not have particularly liked either candidate but you did your research and made an informed decision. No matter what happens you know how you voted and what you wanted and no one can take that away from you.
So whatever your logic or reasons are I am asking you to get out there and vote. Go ahead and make sure that your voice gets heard. You might not change the outcome, but you made that margin smaller with your vote. Your vote does make a difference.

While I was looking for a simple image like the one up top to use for this post, I came across a lot of strange ones. I figured I could share a few with you and make you smile!

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