Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hands and Feet and Body Parts

I like mysteries. Most specifically crime mysteries. And crime mysteries seem to be pretty synonymous with murder mysteries. I like to read about them and I like to watch them. Now murder usually means some blood and guts but not a lot of gore. I do not like horror movies because they use the gore as a simple shock factor and it is gross. But I do like crime shows and movies because the crime is integral to the plot and is usually more tactfully described and displayed. I like trying to figure things out and the dark nature of the subject really does not bother me that much. I suppose it is because I am separated from the subject and can only imagine what happens. If I had to experience it I know I would not like it. But reading about something or watching a show where it happens to other people I am not involved with is pretty darn interesting to me. I guess you could look at it as creepy. But I think I just like the crime stories because it engages my intellect. I mean when you think about it, a criminal has to be pretty smart to get away with something. Sure luck plays a part, but there is some skill and intelligence involved. I relate well to the smart criminals in the plots. I love that some authors are skilled enough to have me completely in the dark as to the identity of the killer right until the end. I also like when I can figure it out early though, as long as it was not too obvious. So I guess my whole point is that I like crime dramas and I like the criminals to be smart in the stories. Therefore it is really easy for me to see why I like this so much

I really like the Showtime Series, Dexter. It is all about a serial killer with a twist. He is a good killer if that can really be true. He only kills other killers. He was raised by a cop who taught him that if he had to kill he needed to be really careful not to get caught and also that he should only kill those people who deserved it. He grew up to be a forensic blood specialist and uses his connections with the ops to get to the serial killers before they can be arrested. It is pretty interesting because he is not really this madman, he just doesn't feel anything and wishes he could be more normal. He wants to be able to blend in so he can continue to kill. I suppose you could get all technical and say that he should not be killing people even though they are bad. Because if you really think about it when you kill a person you kill everything about them, not just the bad parts, you kill everything they will ever become. That is why Dexter only kills those he is sure deserve to die and have evaded justice. In a way he protects more people from getting hurt. So it is easy to justify why you can root for the killer, because he is actually a good guy in a way. Regardless, I find this series very interesting. I watched the whole first season on my netflix in just 1 week. It may help that the plot is awesome and somehow you feel for Dexter and don't want him to get caught. I think it also really helps that he is pretty hot. It is a little strange because the actor, Michael C. Hall, has such a versatile face. One minute you look at him and you can see that he is empty inside with cold eyes and no emotion and then the next he is playful and quite sexy. Of course I much prefer to watch him smirk and be sexy. But I have to admit that his yumminess factor is a big reason I think a lot of women watch this show. The actress who plays Dexter's sister, Jennifer Carpenter, provides some eye candy for the guys too, even though she can be quite annoying. Overall I really liked this show and felt the need to share. I believe the show is in its third season and I plan to watch all I can get my hands on. SO if you are looking for a crime show with a twist and a pretty hot main character I think you should check out Dexter.

Happy viewing!

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