Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Morning has Broken

Are you a Morning Person?

Well, for the record, I am not so much a morning person. I do not wake up all bright eyed and bushy tailed as the saying goes. Now, I am not usually grumpy either, unless I have gotten too little sleep. But there is no sunshine shooting forth from my derriere either like some people I know. I am just kind of quiet until I really wake up. And really waking up could very well take an hour or two. There are some mornings I am happy and some mornings where I am just comfortable with everything and feeling pretty good. Some mornings I hit snooze as many times as I can and others I get up with or even before the first alarm and feel really rested. Just depends on the day.

Well today did not start off the best. I did not get enough sleep really and wanted more. I decided maybe, just maybe I could try to at least close my eyes on the bus if not actually doze off for a few. But was that really a possibility? Not so much. There was only one strip of lights on and they just happened to be the ones right above my seat. Ehh, bright light is okay cause it will go away when the driver takes off right. Yeah well she didn't turn them off while we were driving in to downtown so there was really no chance of me getting any rest. Drat! Okay well I read my book some and I suppose that's okay too. And the buses were running relatively fast which was good. There was no line at my favorite breakfast taco place so I had time to grab one and still make it to my building on time, hooray! I needed a yummy breakfast today. So I am sitting at my desk as the other people in my office trickle in. The girl who sits in the cube next to me obviously was in a better mood than I and loudly professed a good morning to everyone. When the 3 people here did not make enough of a noise to really be heard when responding she told us we all needed to wake up. Needless to say, that annoyed me some. I had not realized how much until I heard the tone of the words coming out of my mouth. I told her I had said good morning back to her and frankly it sounded quite snippish. But darn it I had told her good morning and was annoyed that she was fussing at us for not saying it back when in reality she had just not heard us because she was the one talking so loudly. Sorry for not having sunshine shooting out of my you-know-where but I do not need to be as freaking perky as you are right now. I was polite enough in responding when I really didn't even feel like talking. So she got annoyed with me for sounding so snippy but you know what I really don't care. I do not need to be told how freaking happy I should or should not be in the morning. I am glad she was happy but I did not have to be. There are mornings when she walks in and mumbles sometimes instead of saying good morning and I don't go all sunshine commando on her arse like I could. Whatever.

So I was pretty awake by the time I had a meeting at 9. We did this video-teleconference thingy with some people in our other office. Well we found out one of the presenters was flying into our town for some stuff today and would be joining us as soon as he got in. So we started the meeting and got through one slide before he showed up. Since he was supposed to start the presentation he took over, and promptly elevated the decibel level in the room. He is normally a loud person, military background and all. But this morning he was actually trying to be loud and get our attention. Well is sure as heck worked. And once again I was like wha? Howcome the supreme chipperness? Especially when considering he had to be up at o'dark thirty to catch his flight and make it in for when he did. But we all made it through and the presenter left the meeting when he was done with his part. Even funnier was when a colleague who was sitting closer to the presenter later told me that he said he needed to go find a Starbucks as he left the room. I mean it already seemed like he had 5 espressos this morning how many more could he want. And if that is what he considers to be a tired morning for him I would hate to see what is normal. Jeez just sunshine all around...

Now I am all for morning people. And I like how I feel when I wake up early and get lots of stuff done. Those mornings when you wake up early and just feel really rested and ready to get out and do things are great. You can get so much done and then still have the whole day ahead of you. It is just so satisfying and it makes the whole day better. I love that content feeling you get on those kind of mornings. But really when it comes down to it I would rather sleep until I am ready to wake up. And when I am allowed to be the night owl like I like to be, I will sleep in. Other days if I wake up at 7 and feel like getting up I will, even on a Saturday. I swear its true! But no matter how good I feel I just do not see the need to act like sunshine commando barbie or something and attack everyone I meet with a shrill Good Morning! I much prefer to savour the morning and the peaceful quiet that comes with it.

So while morning may have broken, if you know me please refrain from breaking morning greetings over my head. Corny, yeah I know, but true. Thanks!

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