Thursday, August 28, 2008

More About Me

I know I have been away for too long now. I must make myself post more regularly. But the thing is nothing so exciting has been happening lately. Well actually that's not true. A lot has been happening lately but its a lot of speculation and what-ifs and none of it is ironed out in the least. So I have been lost in my own head trying to make plans for things that may or may not happen. I am really bad about that. My mind is constantly racing and trying to gather new information and fine tune what I already know. I am quite sure I am getting annoying to some of my family by asking the same questions over and over just to see if the answer has changed yet. I know they will tell me the instant it changes but I can't help asking. It's just a lot right now. And when I can't make plans or have a general outline of the way things are supposed to happen then I get ancy. So I am frustrated and since I don't know definites it is kind of hard to talk about them. And I like to talk! I like to talk my way through things. By talking about things I figure out how I feel about things and what is going on. But speculating over and over without getting any new answers gets kind of old. Oh well, I am stuck until some new answers come along.

So instead of just staying stuck with nothing definite to talk about, I thought I could tell you a little more about me. I know some people don't like memes but I figure I will give one a shot. Don't worry I don't know enough people in the blogosphere yet to tag anyone so just enjoy learning a little about me and know that there is no pressure to respond. Here goes...

1) Last movie you saw in a theater? I honestly cannot remember what it was. I am pretty confident it was some sort of action movie. I can remember the theatre we went to, just not the movie. We(R and I) do not go to the theatre that often. I have netflix now and we usually just wait until something comes out on DVD. I do really want to go to the theatre and see The Dark Knight though. I hope we make it before it stops showing.

2) What book are you reading? Cutter by Thomas Laird. I already told you how I like murder mysteries and this is a decent one. It is my interim book that I pulled off the shelf while I was waiting on some library holds. I am in the middle of the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly which is about a cop in California and I am really enjoying it.

3) Favorite board game? We don't really do board games, I like card games more. If I had to pick a board game I would go with something involving trivia in the game, but not as hard as trivial pursuit. I like the card games SkipBo and Phase 10 and Uno.

4) Favorite magazine? I do not get any magazines delivered to me. I will browse them at other people's homes or at the store. I generally look at the guy magazines because they actually do have interesting articles. I look at Cosmo, Cooking Light, Esquire, Maxim, PB, and the car magazines R gets. I know guys look at some magazines for more than just the articles but the articles are actually good. I like the snippets on new gadgets!

5) Favorite smells? Fresh cut grass, a baby's head, anything baking, anything grilling, clean clothes fresh out of the dryer, R just after a shower.

6) Favorite sounds? Running water, giggles, the words I Love You, nature sounds, nothing at all.

7) Worst feeling in the world? Rejection, Helplessness

8) What is the first thing you think of when you wake? Urgh, I don't want to get out of bed but I need to get to the bathroom.

9) Favorite fast food place?I do not eat fast food that much anymore because it just doesn't sit well with my tummy. But I have recently discovered Taco Cabana which is like Taco Bell but better and its open 24 hours.

10) Future child's name? Oh I love the name Aiden for a boy but it has become super popular lately and I don't want my child to have the same name as 5 of his classmates. R likes Sierra for a girl but I don't think I like that so much. We might name a boy after our fathers who are both named Steven. R made a joke one day that if we named the boy after our fathers and then the middle name was Ulysses then the kid's initials would be SUV I think I would prefer something like Aiden Tyler more and the initials would be ATV. Its mostly a joke but it would be kind of neat.

11) Finish this statement - "If I had a lot of money I'd..." Build a nice house, get a nice car or 2, make sure all my bills were paid, make sure all the family bills were paid, and just live comfortably without worrying about how I would pay for a house our kids or college tuition. Oh and I would travel. I really want to see the world.

12) Do you drive fast? Does the phrase "Drive it like you stole it" mean anything to you. Just kidding. Yeah I do drive pretty fast but only when I am comfortable doing so, I am not reckless.

13) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yeah I sleep with 2. R got me a bear for our first Valentine's day and this past one I got a really big Leopard with a heart in it's mouth. This thing is so big its like a body pillow. R got it for me because it was so big and would take up some space in my king size bed that I sleep in alone during the week.

14) Storms - cool or scary? If I am home or do not have to go out in them then they are cool. though I do not mind playing in the rain sometimes. If they are big bad storms that do lots of damage then scary.

15) What was your first car? A 1985 GMC Jimmy, Navy Blue. It is like the Chevy Blazer. I liked it a lot and was pretty sad when I totalled it.

16) Favorite drink? It's a tie between water and milk. If you were talking alcoholic then I like white russians.

17) Finish this statement - if I had the time, I something fun.

18) Do you eat the stems on broccoli? Usually. Cooked most always, Raw depending on how big it is, and Always depending on how hard and fibrous it is.

19) If you could dye your hair any other color, what would be your choice? If I could do it and not worry about getting fired, probably blue. In reality probably red, like a deep purple-red.

20) Name all of the different cities/towns you've lived. Breaux Bridge, Baton Rouge, Houston.

21) Favorite sports to watch. Football and that's pretty much the only one I really get into. I mean Living in Baton Rouge and going to LSU and winning the National Championship last year kind of gets you in the mood for football.

22) One nice thing about the person who sent this to you? Well no one technically sent this to me. I snatched it off of Velvet Lava. But I would have to say that Ann looks like an amazing cook and I really want some chocolate cake now.

23) What's under your bed? Some rogue socks, some chapstick, a pot holder, a small bottle of lotion, fluff bunnies from the box springs. Technically none of that should be under my bed but the mattress slides around due to the bed skirt and things fall off of the headboard and my arm just doesn't fit where they fall in and I have been too lazy to go get a broom and retrieve them. I guess I can add that to my to do list.

24) Would you like to be born as yourself again? I do like me and I do not think I would turn out any differently if I were to be me again so I have no aversions to being born as myself again. I do think that I would like to try something different though. My main question about this is would we remember being ourselves and our experiences or would we not know anything. If we remember then I want to be someone new, if not then it makes no difference because I wouldn't know I was different anyways.

25) Morning person or night owl?I am a night owl, though I can't stay up as late as I used to. If I sleep in too late int eh mornings I get a headache which is just sucky.

26) Over easy or sunny side up? Over easy. But they don't have to be turned over if you cook them in the same pan as you just cooked bacon. My daddy just pushes the grease up over the top of the egg with the spatula until he is sure all the white is cooked and the yolk stays runny. This is my favorite way if I am doing eggs like this. I also love scrambled with cheese though.

27) Favorite place to relax? Camping, preferably near woods and a body of water. When you wake up to the sounds of nature or sit by a campfire it is just really calming. Smores help. I do just like to lay in bed though.

28) Favorite pie?APPLE! I love apple pie. I also love it as apple cobbler/crumble though. Pecan Pie holds a close second. Oh and Lemon Meringue too!

29) Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate! I love chocolate. And if I get to mix things in then peanut butter, or brownie bites, or crushed oreos and fresh strawberries. I think the oreo and strawberry combination ties with peanut butter.

30) Of all the people you have tagged, who is the most likely to respond first? Well since I didn't actually tag anyone I have no idea. But whoever you are feel free to play along and tag yourself.

And if anyone else does this meme leave me a comment and let me know. I would love to know more about you too.

I promise I will try to get back to blogging more often, as soon as I figure some things out...

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Our last name is V too. With my youngest, we joked about making his middle initial a "T" so he would be "MTV".