Monday, August 04, 2008

Michigan on Friday

So how was your weekend?

Mine was just peachy! Apparently I was in a Wal-Mart in Michigan on Friday. I went on quite a shopping spree and racked up a total of over 600 dollars worth of stuff. Oh I bought the usual food items since you know people have to eat and I was planning a great barbecue. And I splurged and bought a new entertainment center for my TV and some movies and music to go with it. And I got some stuff to decorate the house that I just know my S.O. will hate but I love it and that's what counts right. I mean everyone should have a purple shag rug right!?! Mmm...and I got me some of those little bitty bottles of that white russian stuff which is like so good (moving on up from that boone's farm!). And you know how them lava lamps are back in style I got one of those too! Oh and some floats and tubes to go have a splashing good time in the Great Lakes. I think I got all I needed to have me a really good weekend! Probably.....

I mean isn't that what you guys would have bought if you were me and in Michigan for the weekend? Okay maybe you would have gone for the lime green rug. I can't blame you I debated over the color choices too. And maybe you would have gotten some other kind of cute little drinks in the bottle, say that hard lemonade stuff and I can't fault you for your choices there either. But generally you would have bought all the neato stuff I did. Or maybe not. Thing is I don't know what you would have bought. I don't even know what I was trying to buy at Wal-Mart in Michigan on a Friday. Well that's just silly you say, how can she not know what she was buying!?! Well see the thing is I really don't. And NO, I hadn't already popped the top on a few of those white russian thingamajiggers before I got to the register. Shame on you for thinking I am such a lush I can't even wait until I get in the car to start drinking like a normal person! I really don't know what I was trying to buy because I was not even there. And how is that you say? Well I thought maybe my credit card decided to take a vacation of it's own and see a few sights. But that didn't make sense because it hadn't even asked me to water it's plants for it while it was gone. And sure enough it wasn't gone, it was in my pocket taking a siesta just like it should be. But my credit card is a little bit of a tramp you see. Seems it shared its numbers with someone one torrid, drunken night and that someone took its numbers on a vacation to Michigan. And that someone is a bad person. That dirty someone tried to use my credit card's numbers to buy only they know what at a Wal-Mart in Michigan.

So instead of taking a nice trip to Michigan to go shopping for the weekend I was forced to deal with my loose-lipped credit card. Sad thing is even though I have gotten close to my credit card over the years and it has become sort of like a part of me, I know it had to be taken care of. Now of course I didn't put out a hit on it personally, the credit card company did that themselves. Though they did make me agree to it. Which I was honestly happy to do since the phone call telling me about my credit card's indiscretions came at the ungodly hour of o'dark thirty on Saturday morning, and interrupting my sleep means war. I am quite angry at it for making me the bearer of its bad news too. I have to go through it's address book and tell all of it's friends that it is gone now. Because if I don't, all of its friends will be calling for it to come out and play again next month like it has every month before and when it doesn't show I will get the blame. In the end I know it was best, but I still feel lost with out it right now. Luckily it was the only one of its siblings who is such a loosey-goosey, well as far as I can tell right now anyways. Something tells me I will have to keep a close eye on all of my other cards for a while.

So that was my weekend and now I am left still curious...
Who is this dark someone and where did he meet my little credit card? Or did someone sell my credit card out? Was it kidnapped? Did it not listen to common sense and go phishing with strangers? Who took its numbers? How did they get to Michigan? What were the plans for the numbers? What did the someone try to buy at a Wal-Mart in Michigan on a Friday? Did they try to buy food for their family or a big screen TV? Will they keep trying to use the numbers? Will they be back to try and get more? Or do they already have more?

But most importantly, what would you try to buy if you stole some little credit card's numbers?

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